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El Greco Ship Manning and Management recommends two shipboard training programs to it’s principal as a source for future officers and professional ratings:
Cadet Apprenticeship Program
For graduates of bachelor courses in Marine Transportation or Marine Engineering

Training Program for Professional Ratings (Trainee Program)
For graduates of Basic Seaman Course (one-year)

These programs provide principals with two advantages: Apprentices and trainees receive lower wages; and, because their contracts are not as binding as standard contracts, obligations and liabilities of the principal are reduced.

These training programs make available to you more ratings, and eventually officers, who have gained their experience and qualifications onboard your vessels, and therefore have a  knowledge of your operations and are familiar with the policies of your company.

Our experience has shown that a cadet/trainee appreciates the owner who presents him with the opportunity to start his career through these programs and that throughout his career he will demonstrate that appreciation in loyalty to the owner’s company.

Through these shipboard training programs, El Greco can:
Provide each vessel employing Filipino regular crews with two deck cadets and two engine cadets. Provide each vessel employing Filipino regular crew with one steward trainee, one deck trainee and one engine trainee. Or provide a total of five at a reduced cost and at no risk.

On request, we would be pleased to send you more information.


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