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The time-consuming task of recruiting---screening, interviewing selecting, hiring--- is assumed by El Greco Ship Manning and Management, leaving you more time for other areas of management that contribute to your company’s financial success Our services:
1.   Recruitment, Screening, Selection

Our computerized system matches seafarers who are available to vessels they previously worked on, and you benefit from re-employing crews familiar with your vessels, your procedures, and your policies.

Before a new name can be added to our database, the seafarer’s qualifications and experience are verified and cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organizations to ensure they are true. Additionally, the seafarer's professional attitude and behavior is assessed through our personal interviews. 
2.   Pre-Employment Medical Clearances

Seafarers must have a medical clearance from medical centers accredited with the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Examinations and tests are:
Physical examination; chest x-ray; blood count; blood type; urinalysis; stool examination; dental check; psychometric examination; visual acuity and color perception using the Ishihara test; audiometry; speech test; and an electrocardiogram for those aged 40 and above or when recommended by the examining physician.

Tests can be added, including: drug and alcohol, aids, hepatitis antigen, kidney and bladder ultrasound, and others a company requires, as well as vaccinations for seafarers on vessels trading in specific areas.
3.   Documents, Training, Certificates

Our stringent procedures avoid the risk of inappropriate or inadequate crew documents delaying your vessels in ports. El Greco ensures:

a.  Documents and certificates of the seafarer are valid for the term of the contract at minimum.

b.  Training and certificates comply with IMO, ILO, and STCW’78 convention as amended, and ISM code; and that the training and certificates are proper for the crew positions and type of vessels for which the seafarers have been hired.

c.  Crews possess the appropriate flag licenses and corresponding special qualifications, statutory certificates, and other requirements of the Vessel’s Flag Registry Administration.

d.   Seafarers are oriented on the policies and procedures of the company, and the safety management system on the vessels.
4.   Dispatch

El Greco’s reservations department arranges airline tickets for departing and returning crews. Tickets issued in Manila have flexibility for departures, but owners may issue Pre-paid Ticket Advise (PTA).
5.   Allotments

Philippine Government regulations require that each month 80% of the basic wages of a Filipino seafarer be allotted to his family and remitted to the Philippines. A crewing agent must each month advise the Philippine Central Bank of foreign currency wage remittances the agent receives, and submit payroll reports to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, and other government agencies.  

To comply, principals each month remit these allotments to El Greco through our appointed banks for processing and distribution to the seafarer’s family or designated beneficiaries. Receipts confirming payments are sent to principals. A minimal fee is charged to cover banking, clerical and document costs.
6.   Compulsory Contributions

Philippine Government‘s Social Security System (SSS) requires compulsory contributions for overseas workers below the age of 61. Both employee and employer contribute according to the SSS contribution schedule, either monthly or quarterly. The employee’s contribution is deducted from the wage remittance to El Greco.  The employer’s contribution, presently at USD20.00 a month for each seafarer, is sent to El Greco, which then remits the amounts to SSS and sends receipts to the employer.

The employer may send SSS contributions together with family allotment each month
7.   Performance Monitoring

As part of our service, we ask the master of a vessel to send El Greco regular reports on each seafarer we provide. Evaluation is on performance, competence and behavior. Reports, which should be sent each quarter, aid us in assessing each seafarer and selecting your crews.
8.   Seafarer's Accidents/Sickness Claims

Regular reports are sent to you on a seafarer who is repatriated because of illness or injury.  El Greco staff check on medical treatment, sickness benefits, hospital and medical expenses, and coordinates with P&I representatives in the Philippines.

El Greco ensures the handling of these claims are treated with great sensitivity and efficiency.
9.   Crew Incidents

A minor crew incident can be prevented from becoming a major one by dealing with it immediately. El Greco staff will talk to the seafarer/s to address his/their concerns but this can only be effectively accomplished when we are advised immediately by the master or principals. El Greco may coordinate with the local government agencies concerned and their foreign counterparts and immediately advise the principal. For this service to be of mutual benefit, it is imperative to keep El Greco informed before a master or principals take any drastic action.


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