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Your next step is to contact El Greco to discuss the services your company requires.
Further Details

Once El Greco and the principal have reached an understanding, a Manning Agreement, available on request, and a Special Power of Attorney, copy enclosed (Sample Documents) must be executed by the principal, signed by the companyís managing director or authorized representative, and attested to by the nearest Philippine Consular office, and then posted by air mail to El Greco.
Upon Completion of the Agreement

the company should send to El Greco on itís company letterhead a letter addressed to the POEA appointing El Greco as itís authorized manning agent in the Philippines including:
a.   Full vessel particulars
b.   Crew Order
c.   Port agents where crew is to be dispatched to
d.   Dispatch date Notice of 15 days is normal to dispatch a full crew to a port. War zones take longer. To meet an emergency; that is, notice of only three days, El Greco maintains on standby a complete crew of ratings. However, arrival time at a joining port may vary depending on visa requirements of the country.

The terms and conditions governing employment and deployment of Filipino seafarers are stated in the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration POEA), Philippine Government Rules and Regulations Standard Employment Contract. This document specifies the obligations of employer and employee, including benefits, and copies are available from our office. The signing-on, one-page version, is attached (Sample Documents).


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